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Investing in a new kitchen remodel and bath remodel increases the value of homes in Colorado Springs, CO. The amount of the return on investment depends on the goals of the renovation. Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO understand that a new kitchen or primary bath makes it easier to sell their home if that is their goal. In these cases, we work with homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to achieve a short-term return on investment or to create as much short-term value as possible. This can be accomplished by limiting the scope of a renovation if necessary and to selecting more cost-effective materials and design approaches. This might include changing kitchen cabinet fronts, replacing the backsplash, specifying porcelain countertops that look and feel like marble and upgrading appliances at a minimum without changing the floor plan or location of what currently exists.

Monday, 10 October 2022 15:05

Time Is of the Essence

the value designers

Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are focused on how they can improve their lives. As a return to the new normal takes place following COVID-19, what remains is that most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO believe that their daily life centers around their homes. This is due principally because many of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continue to work either part- or full-time from their homes. A national study found that many Americans are working from home at least 3.5 days per week on average and hybrid work schedules are not expected to change in the near term.

Monday, 03 October 2022 14:58

The Hottest Bath Trends for 2023

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Cersaie International Exhibition is a major European bath and ceramic tile trade show that highlights cutting-edge products and trends. One that stood out was color. The exhibit hall featured lots and lots of color especially fixtures and bath furniture with saturated shades and glossy finishes. Pastel and matte tones also were present throughout Cersaie. Black was another color featured standing out in shower enclosures with smoked black matte and glossy finishes. Several manufacturers highlighted black tones with contrasting colors that included beige, pink and salmon. 

Bath furniture featured at Cersaie continue to erase the boundaries typically found in the bathroom. Featured pieces included cupboards and sideboards that could be used in other rooms in the home that enable homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to create a consistency of image, textures and colors throughout the entire home and within a bathroom remodel

Thursday, 22 September 2022 13:56

The Most Popular Features of a Dream Bath

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Selecting just the right fixtures and elements for your new dream bath does not have to be taxing, time consuming and stressful. If you search for a lavatory on, you receive a selection of almost 15,000 options.  How can you possibly select the one that is best suited for your new bath?  That’s where a showroom and professional designer can be a great asset. Most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO renovate a primary bath maybe once in their lifetime.  Our showroom designs and specifies new primary baths almost daily. It’s what we do and we look forward to sharing our experience, knowledge and expertise with you and your fellow homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.

Thursday, 15 September 2022 13:52

Color Trends that Can Make a Dream Kitchen

Color Trends that can make a dream kitchen

Maison & Object is an international trade fair recently held in Paris that introduces the latest furnishings, accessories, textiles and tableware and often serves as a harbinger of styles, colors and textures that will find their way into new kitchens created for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.

Thursday, 08 September 2022 13:25

Island Dreaming

island dreaming

Islands are among the most requested features among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who are creating the kitchen of their dreams. It’s not surprising because islands provide extra countertop and storage space and serve as the kitchen’s central hub for family dinners, entertaining and enjoying time to oneself. While the benefits of an island are obvious, designing islands to meet the individual needs of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO requires understanding how the kitchen is to look, feel and function.

Thursday, 01 September 2022 13:15

The Spice of Life


More than 50% of kitchens we design for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are predominately white.  There are many compelling reasons to select a white kitchen.  A white pallet provides a clean, crisp and classic vibe to a dream kitchen.  White works with any style – modern, transitional or traditional.  White makes the selection of other kitchen products and components easier and less stressful.  White is timeless.  It never goes out of style and because of white’s almost universal appeal, white motifs can enhance the resale value of homes in Colorado Springs, CO.  Another major reason why homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO select white kitchens is that white reflects light, enabling smaller spaces to appear larger and providing an airy, open feel to the space.

Monday, 22 August 2022 08:37

Happiness Is a Warm Kitchen

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The role and functional needs of the home have been transformed during the last three years.  Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have used their homes as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, cafes, libraries and a host of other functions because many have and will continue to spend more time in their homes. The demands on the home are not expected to wane among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO soon. That’s why we have seen an increased demand and desire for dream kitchens and homes with warmer and softer color pallets that provide a sense of calm and serve as a place where family members can rest, relax and decompress.

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During the weeks and months that most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO spend researching different products, styles and color schemes, few pay much attention to the location of key components in their dream kitchen remodel. Where should the fridge go? Is it okay to just have a sink in an island? What about a cooktop or range? What’s the ideal location?

The positioning of appliances, cabinets, pantry, drawers, an island, seating, et. al. affect not only the look and feel of a new kitchen, but also functionality. Conventional kitchen design dictates that the sink, refrigerator and stove/cooktop should be located in a triangle with nothing that impedes movement within the triangle.  In many new kitchens designed for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, the triangle is appropriate, wanted and needed. Similar to many tried and true concepts, the triangle is not a one size fits all solution for every project. The location of key kitchen components depends on the multiple functions and roles homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO want from their new dream kitchen and their lifestyles. That’s why anyone who wants to create a dream kitchen should be asked, “how do you plan to use your kitchen and what roles would you like it to play?”  

the value designers

What do most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO desire in the kitchen remodel? Their top choices parallel the preferences of a nationwide survey by Home Advisor powered by Anji of 3,000 homeowners who let their dreams be known.  


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