The Hottest Trends In Bath Design

    Thursday, 17 August 2023 14:03  Blog

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Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO during the COVID pandemic gained a new appreciation for their bathrooms which warranted a bathroom remodeling project.  They realized that a bathroom can be a refuge from the chaos of the day.  A bathroom can serve as a sanctuary where homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can spend a few minutes all to themselves, away from texts, tweets and even the patter of little feat in peace and quiet to recharge their batteries, sooth tired muscles, and wash away the stresses of the day.

The new role bathrooms are asked to play has made bathroom design  more important to provide a space that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO expect and deserve.  If you are considering converting your primary bath into an in-home spa or would like to provide a powder room facelift, here are several design trends to help plan the bath of your dreams.

Tile trends: Two trends stand out.  One is the use of bold colors and patterns in the bath.  White can be mundane.  Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO that want to make a distinct and personal design statement are opting for bold, textured tiles.  Another bathroom tile trend is Terrazzo.  Terrazzo tile is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. It can be customized to fit any bathroom style or theme, offering a visually stunning and unique flooring and/or wallcovering option. Its speckled appearance and reflective properties add a touch of elegance to a bathroom.  

Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO also gravitate toward Terrazzo because it is extremely durable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly.  Terrazzo is made from a mix of recycled materials like glass, marble chips, and other aggregates combined with a binder. 

Statement-making bathtubs:  Placing a sculptural freestanding tub in a primary bath creates a great focal point.  Plus, baths, especially those that feature massage, color, aroma and sound therapies help create the in-home spa that so many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO cherish.

Custom vanities: Handmade, artistically crafted vanities will continue to gain in popularity because they are built to meet specific needs of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.  A custom vanity fits perfectly in the bath and enhances the overall bathroom design.  A custom vanity also provides a blank pallet for homeowners to use unique materials, finishes and design elements.  

Not only do custom vanities make a profound design statement, they also address the functional needs of the bath and homeowners. Custom vanities offer necessary storage, organizational tools and layouts that enhance the vanity’s useability and practicality. 

Natural Material: Similar to kitchens, today’s bathrooms are incorporating natural materials that add a sense of warmth to a bath.  We are seeing homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO welcome stone, wood and handmade ceramics into their new baths.  

Power showers: High-performing showers that include steam and other therapies will continue to trend at the top of homeowners’ wish lists.  Showers with showerheads or spray options that may include rainfall showerheads, body jets and handheld showerheads that allow users to customize their shower experience to their preferences.  A power shower features thermostatic or digital shower controls where users can preset the water temperature and flow to their personal needs.  

Another popular feature in new showers are built-in seating such as a bench or shower seat that allows users to sit and enjoy all of the therapies and benefits a luxury shower offers.

What are the features and trends that you desire to create the bathroom of your dreams?  Give us a call at (719) 578-0001 or make an appointment to visit us at 202 S Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80903 and let us show you how to create an in-home sanctuary for you and your family.

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