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We encourage homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who want to create the kitchen of their dreams to think big.  Develop a wish list with every possible need, want and desire on it.  In many cases, not everything on the wish list is doable. However, the process of listing everything you could possible want helps designers to understanding your priorities and enables them to develop solutions that result in an aesthetically pleasing, high-performing, exceptionally functional kitchen.

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The primary bath for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO is constantly evolving. Primary baths are transforming from a place of basic functionality to a space that offers a sanctuary and daily spa-like experiences, finds a recent trends survey produced by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, especially those looking to age in place, cherish primary baths that provide a few minutes a day all to themselves, devoid of text, tweet and even the patter of little feet, to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of the day.

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The number one regret among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who recently remodeled their kitchen was not investing more in storage capabilities. Storage investment comprises the dollars needed to create sufficient storage capabilities, allocating the space for storage and most importantly dedicating the time to understand how homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and their families use their kitchens and the multiple roles that today’s kitchens are asked to play. Working with a professional designer to develop a storage plan will address how often you cook, entertain and hold gatherings and the other functions that you need your kitchen to provide such as office space, classroom, study, café, bar, central hub or other purposes. A great kitchen must not only look out of this world, it also must incorporate the best functionality to meets your needs.

The Hottest Bathroom Trends

Written by Friday, 14 July 2023 10:02

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There are multiple reasons homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO want to renovate their bathrooms. Many are tired of a bath that they use daily that is dingy, out-of-date and boring. Others are tired of having to fix leaks, eliminate mold and address other maintenance issues. Regardless of the reasons, most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO renovate their baths to improve how they look, how they function and how they can improve the lives of their family. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in bathroom design, aesthetics and functionality helps to ensure that an investment in a new bath can withstand the test of time and. Perform and deliver daily experiences that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO expect and deserve.

An Open and Shut Case

Written by Monday, 10 July 2023 09:56

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Open floor plans are among the most requested design feature of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO want in their dream kitchen. The reasons why open floor plans are so popular are many. Open floor plans create a relaxed and contemporary vibe in a new kitchen. Open floor plans can help maximize available space and natural lighting. Plus, when barriers between the kitchen and other rooms in the home are eliminated, open floor plans promote social interaction. It’s easy to interact with family members, friends, guests and others, creating a sense of togetherness. It’s easy to watch children in adjoining rooms while preparing meals.  Open floor plans also provide improved flexibility to use the space for multiple purposes that are in so much demand by homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO working either full-time or part-time from home.

Top Kitchen and Bath Trends

Written by Monday, 03 July 2023 09:45

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The top trends in today’s kitchens and baths were showcased at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can capitalize on these trends to create the kitchens and baths of their dreams.  

Wellness was front and center at ICFF and certainly on trend with homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who recognize that they can create in-home sanctuaries in their primary baths where they can spend a few minutes all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets or even the demands of little feet. Adding softer touches to your bathroom to style the space in a way that is the most inviting is another hot trend known as bathscaping. Bathscaping for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO may include styling around sculptural soaking tubs and shower steam systems equipped with aromatherapy, audiotherapy, chromatherapy and message therapies. These trends were ever-present in ICFF education programs and on the exhibit floor because they promote health and wellbeing.

Why Quartz Is King

Written by Thursday, 29 June 2023 10:11

why quartz is king

There are many reasons why quartz is the number one countertop material selected by homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and throughout the U.S. Quartz is made from engineered stone and is comparable in appearance to granite and marble however, it is not porous and is far more resistant to staining, making Quartz easy to maintain and clean. There are an almost limitless number of colors, patterns and finishes available. Quartz can even incorporate veins in interesting patterns to resemble marble and natural stone. Typical quartz slabs are the same thickness as granite, 3cm. However, quartz is heavier than granite and much stronger, allowing for larger tops and longer overhangs. Plus, quartz’ durability means that it won’t chip or crack as easily as other surfaces.  

Quartz finish options are another compelling reason that makes it the number one choice among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. Quartz finishes have a depth that solid surface materials such as Corian can match. 

The New Meaning of Home

Written by Thursday, 22 June 2023 10:07

the new meaning of home

COVID 19 dramatically changed the way homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and nationwide think about and use their homes. A new America at Home study identified a “historic paradigm shift with homeowners’ attitudes, lifestyles, design preferences and purchasing decisions undergoing a complete reconstruction.” The study was conducted in three phases, at the start of the pandemic, in the middle of COVID 19, and at the end of the health emergency, and revealed key insights into how Americans and homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO view their homes and the most important features that are wanted and needed and the most important features that are wanted and needed. 

A Rainbow of Colors

Written by Friday, 16 June 2023 10:03

We are seeing a gentle shift in color preferences among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who are renovating their kitchens, baths and other spaces in their homes. Neutral color schemes that include shades of white, beige and gray remain extremely popular because they provide a clean, timeless and versatile palette that allows homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to use pops of other colors to create unique and personal design statements.

how to create a realistic budget for your dream kitchen

How much will it cost is the number one question homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO ask when they plan to create their dream kitchen. That’s a difficult question to answer, because there are so many factors to consider. That is the reason many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have a difficult time determining their goals and setting a realistic budget for their kitchen remodel without the help of a professional. Sure, you could search the Internet or watch home improvement television for estimates and ideas, but those sources are riddled with misinformation and misrepresentations. Home improvement television often does not include the cost of appliances, custom features that you want, design fees or infrastructure expenses, e.g. the movement of electrical lines, plumbing lines, structural changes, ventilation and so on. Plus, their timetables typically don’t include time for design, code approval, scheduling, product ordering and other factors, giving homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO unrealistic and unachievable expectations.

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