The Power Shower

Written by Tuesday, 06 June 2023 09:49

the power shower

Increasing, we find homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO gravitate to spa-like shower systems as part of their bathroom remodel because they can provide a few minutes every day all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and the even the demands of little feet. A multifunctional shower system helps promote health and wellbeing with systems that can relax and rejuvenate tired muscles and soothe arthritic pains, remove toxins from the body and enhance circulatory functions. Plus, several studies have found that taking a shower can enhance creativity.

A More Intelligent Kitchen

Written by Thursday, 01 June 2023 09:42

a more intelligent kitchen

Interest in well-connected kitchens has skyrocketed among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. Technological innovations have made kitchens easier to use, more efficient and more enjoyable. Smart appliances are a main feature of a technologically savvy kitchen. Ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee makers, countertop appliances, faucets and steam and microwave ovens offer Bluetooth connectivity that can be operated remotely from a smart phone or tablet and by voice command through Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. You can have your kitchen appliances recommend recipes based on ingredients in your fridge and pantry, play music during meal preparation and dining, set timers and preheat ovens on your way home.

the value designers

Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have been spending more time in their homes than they could have ever imagined a couple of years ago. Working either full-time or part-time has illuminated the need and desire for a space that provides a refuge from day-to-day stresses. That desire has created a boom in demand for a primary bath that provides a few minutes for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO all to themselves devoid of texts, tweets or even the sound of little feet. During the past several years, we have designed numerous primary baths that provide spa-like experiences in the home. Here are a few of the secrets that we have learned to help homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO create the bath of their dreams.

Let There Be Light

Written by Tuesday, 23 May 2023 08:26

the value designers

More than 9 in 10 homeowners reported that high-quality lighting is an important design element for their homes, found a recent lighting trend report and forecast conducted by The Harris Poll for Lutron. The company revealed that in addition to natural light, homeowners want customized lighting solutions especially in the kitchen and primary baths. We have found that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO gravitate toward creating in-home spas that include customized solutions that create a relaxing and rejuvenating vibe through products, fixtures, design elements and light.  

Kitchen lighting also has come front and center. Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO require task lighting to make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable and ambient lighting to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for family members and guests. An effective lighting plan is required to help separate spaces in open floor plan kitchens and homes.  We often specify pendants or chandeliers over an island but recommend ambient lighting solutions for use in the connected living and eating spaces.

The Hottest Bathroom Trends

Written by Tuesday, 16 May 2023 08:21

the value designers

The primary bath has been transformed from a functional room to brush teeth, bathe and prepare for the day to an in-home refuge where homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can spend a few minutes all to themselves devoid of texts, tweets and even little feet to recharge and rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit by washing away the stresses of the day.

The hottest bathroom remodel trends for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO marry design principles that create a serene, calming space with health promoting and stress reducing systems and fixtures that include steam and message, water, color, sound and aroma therapies. Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are gravitating toward ceramic tiles in rich bold colors that make a dramatic and personal statement in the bath. Recent surveys found that blue, green and black tile demand increased significantly along with a movement away from traditional subway tiles to smaller, square shaped, nonuniform and textured tiles. Textured tiles create a layered effect that is extremely receptive to light.  

the value designers

The number one regret among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and nationwide who recently renovated their kitchens was insufficient storage and organizational tools.  We highly recommend to homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to plan for adequate storage because a well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. A good starting point is to measure and inventory the kitchenware that you use most often and that cater to your lifestyle and family needs. 

An almost endless array of options is available to store cookware, food, utensils, countertop appliances (blenders, mixers, etc.), recycling containers and so on. The first step in maximizing storage is to assess what currently exists in your kitchen. Inventory and measure your cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, storage containers, cutlery, knives, utensils, gadgets, and countertop appliances and estimate frequency of use. This is a great time to purge items that you never use too. Space permitting, items that you use infrequently or even as little as once a year (the large roasting pan for Thanksgiving turkey) can be relegated to upper kitchen cabinets or to other rooms in the home to open up prime real estate for the utensils and equipment that you use most frequently. 

a place for everything and eveerything in its place

We know that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO spend months researching different products, styles, kitchen design trends and other factors that they believe they want and need before coming to our showroom to create their dream kitchens. We find that despite their best efforts most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO don’t know where to begin. Here are best practices to help save time, improve focus and make the process a lot more enjoyable and fun.

Write down where your existing kitchen does not work. This may include lack of counter space, dim lighting, outdated kitchen cabinets, lack of storage, maneuverability, and flow, among others. Concurrently, document the must haves. These may include custom cabinets, creating additional space, bringing more natural light to the space, a pantry that has a place for everything and everything has a place.  

Counter Culture

Written by Monday, 24 April 2023 14:25

the value designers

A national survey confirms trends among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO that countertops are becoming a more important feature of new kitchen, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. A Kitchen & Bath Design News survey of more than 400 kitchen and bath design professionals found that countertops have increasingly become an integral part of the modern-day kitchen, being called up to serve multiple purposes ranging from a traditional space for meal preparation, cooking and cleanup to providing space for school work, hobbies, working from home, mobile device charging and other activities.

Real estate marketplace provider Zillow reports that multifunctional countertops on kitchen islands is one of the top five home design trends to watch in 2023. The company noted that multifunctional kitchen islands generated 19% more mentions in listing descriptions in 2023 than in 2022.

the value designers

The number one reason why homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO decide to create a dream kitchen is that their existing kitchen does not work well or meet their needs. We frequently hear from homeowners that their kitchens don’t have enough storage capabilities, countertop space or cabinetry. Other common reasons are lack of maneuverability, appearance and poor ventilation.  

The role of the kitchen has been transformed since the global pandemic. No longer does a kitchen serve the basic functions of preparing and cooking meals. Kitchens need to serve multiple purposes from classroom and office space to café and coffeeshop. These new requirements make having adequate storage a more pressing necessity to help ensure clean, clutter-free workspaces. In fact, the number one regret of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who have renovated their kitchens is inadequate storage and not investing more in organizational amenities. A well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. That’s why we ask homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO how they use their kitchen and for what purposes, who uses the kitchen most often and when is it used? We want to know what homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO like about their existing kitchens and what they want to change? What needs to improve? What will make your kitchen the envy of your neighborhood?


Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, especially those who are working from home either part-time or full-time, dream about creating an in-home spa where they can take a few minutes all to themselves to wash away the stresses of the day, recharge and rejuvenate the bodies and spirits. Demand for in-home spas featuring steam systems, message therapies, aroma, sound and color therapies, heated floors, smart mirrors, toilets and faucets have skyrocketed. If you want to join other homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to create the primary bath of your dreams, here are several of the most successful practices for your dream bath remodel.

Don’t start demolition until you have received all of the fixtures and components that have been specified. These can include the shower system (valves, body sprays, rain heads, handheld showerhead, benches, steam unit, controller, etc.), faucets, sinks, storage solutions, toilet, vanity, countertop, lighting, hardware, mirrors, heated floor, ventilation systems and other products. Request that your designer and installer develop a renovation timeline and projected lead times.  

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