Kitchen cabinets set the tone for the look and feel not only of a new dream kitchen, but also the look and feel of the entire home. When it comes to cabinetry, there are countless options to help make your remodeling dreams a reality. That’s why most homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO should focus first on cabinets. While it’s great to have choices, selecting cabinets can be overwhelming. To assist homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO curate the multiple options for kitchen cabinets, a good starting point is to consider the style of your existing home. To help match and complement what currently exists, we account for the shape of the kitchen space, ceiling height and other details that can be used to create contrasts or complements the existing space. One of the joys that many homeowners receive when they create the kitchen of their dreams is the opportunity to make a personal design statement that speaks to their individual tastes and aesthetics. This is accomplished in the selection of finishes, hardware, and door styles.

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The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the largest event of its kind in North America for kitchen and bath showrooms, designers, sales professionals and manufacturers. Featuring more than 600 exhibitors and attracting some 70,000 attendees, KBIS serves as the event for manufacturers to introduce new products and showcase trends that are likely to dominate kitchen, bath and home renovation for the months and years to come.

Designing a dream kitchen or bath for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO requires balancing form with function. A recurring request among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO is to design spaces that make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable to perform while making a space look and feel extraordinarily special. Many of the trends at KBIS are reflected in the desires of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who want innovative designs that maximize functionality, ease of use, and efficiency.  

Open floor plans remain a top trend in Colorado Springs, CO. Almost three in four homeowners love the idea of opening up their kitchens to other rooms in their home. Given the fact that many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continue to work either full-time or part-time from their home, open floor plans increase the functionality of the home, providing dedicated spaces for working, studying, entertaining, relaxing and spending quality family time.

What's Trending in Primary Baths?

Written by Wednesday, 22 March 2023 09:09

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Fixr has released its 2023 Bathroom Trends Report whose findings are consistent with demands we are seeing among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. The major trends found are as follows:

Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continue to work full time or part time from their homes. They want a sanctuary space where they can spend a few minutes all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and even little feet, to recharge, refresh and wash away the stresses of the day. Half of respondents to the Fixr survey cited the ability to create an in-home spa experience as a top priority. Creating a calming environment can be accomplished with the use of wood-look and natural materials in addition to specifying products that provide different types of therapies that include message, color, sound and light in shower systems and tubs.

Fixr found that homeowners are gravitating toward more patterned tiles and wallcoverings to add depth, interest and dimension to the bath. 36% of bath design professionals surveyed cited this as a major trend.

Creating A Dream Laundry Room

Written by Wednesday, 15 March 2023 09:05

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Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continue to invest in their homes to make them more functional, enjoyable and valuable. Desire for a better home is particularly widespread among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who are working part-time or full-time from home. Our showroom has received increasing demand for more efficient, effective and beautiful kitchens, baths, entryways, mudrooms, and laundry rooms among other spaces in a home.

There are several keys to creating a dream laundry room space. One is having sufficient space. A minimum of 80 square feet is necessary if homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO want a laundry space that features storage cabinets, a sink, washer and dryer and room to maneuver. We can help homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO create the space they need to make a laundry area the envy of a neighborhood. Including a deep countertop can be achieved by specifying front loading instead of top loading washers and dryers. A countertop, at least 24 inches in depth, is valued by homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO because it provides adequate space for a laundry basket to sit on top and to sort and fold clothing. Another option to create space is to specify an appliance that both washes and dries or to opt for a stackable unit.  

Now Is the Perfect Time to Remodel

Written by Wednesday, 08 March 2023 09:00

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Is now the time to start the remodeling project that will add value to your home and family and make your home more enjoyable to use and live in? That’s a question many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are considering and the vast majority are answering in the affirmative. Current economic conditions make the decision much easier. Nearly 80% of American home mortgages are 4% or less. With interest rates more than doubling from a year ago, purchasing power for a new home has declined by 40%. Plus, with new and for sale home inventory limited, many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have determined it is more cost-effective and beneficial to enhance their current homes than to purchase a new one.

Another reason why so many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are electing to remodel their kitchens, primary baths, closets, laundry rooms and other space in their home is that they are happy with their current neighborhood and home.  

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Did you know that a great shower can boost creativity and novel thinking? A 2019 University of California at Santa Barbara study of professional writers and physicists found that 20% of their most creative ideas occurred while they were in the bathroom shower. A shower not only has the power to clean one’s body, showering also has the ability to relax your mind and unleash streams of consciousness, clarity and creativity. The technical term for this is the “shower effect.”

How can homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO create showers that are the source of great ideas and ‘Ah Ha’ moments? Recognize that a wonderful shower experience not only can wash away the stresses of the day, but showering also can transform the way homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO think. We can greatly enhance the creative and health benefits for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO by designing bathroom showers that promote and advance “the shower effect.” Design elements that include steam, massage, color, aroma, and sound therapies enable the mind to wander and have free-flowing, spontaneous thoughts that promote creativity. Plus, creating and using a dream shower make you feel like a million dollars.  

Are Two Bathroom Sinks Better Than One?

Written by Wednesday, 22 February 2023 10:50

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Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO almost always opt for two separate sinks when renovating their primary bath. That makes a lot of sense given the fact that most everyone is extremely busy, and on most days more than one person will need access to their primary bath vanity at the same time. However, double sinks may not be the best option for all bathrooms, especially those where space is at a premium. What’s best for your dream bath?

When homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO opt for double sinks in their primary bath, they receive dedicated space that they can call their own. There’s space on one side for makeup, nail polish remover, cosmetics, multiple brushes, etc. and on the other side shaving cream, razors, and other similar items and there are few opportunities that personal grooming items travel from one sink to the second sink. Double sinks add order and privacy to the primary bath.

Space is the key challenge to installing double sinks. If there is sufficient room, the decision is a no-brainer. The minimum amount of space needed is at least six feet. This will allow for sufficient space between two sinks to prevent users from bumping into one another.

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The Kitchen & Bath Industry (KBIS) serves as a primary venue for kitchen and bath manufacturers to introduce new products, showcase innovative technologies and highlight trends that they expect to dominate the future of kitchens, baths, and home design. KBIS 2023, held January 31-February 2 in Las Vegas did not disappoint.

KBIS confirmed that wellness is not a fad or fleeting infatuation. Wellness will continue to grow in popularity among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who want and expect their homes to perform more effectively and efficiently. KBIS exhibitors showcased the latest products and technologies that enable homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to create in-home refuges and spa-quality experiences in their primary baths. Featured were therapeutic showers offering steam, color, aroma and sound therapies that provide a refuge for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to spend a few minutes a day, all to themselves, devoid of text, tweets and even little feet to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of the day.

Workstation sinks were another trending feature at KBIS. BOCCHI’s Baveno Hide-Away Sink System won Best in Show at KBIS 2023. This workstation allows homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to easily convert the sink into continuous counter space that completely hides the faucet, maximizing workspace. Sink covers, multiple faucet options, cutting boards, colanders and roller mats create a true workstation sink experience.

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The five biggest regrets of homeowners who remodeled their kitchen, according to a CountryLiving survey, are: not enough countertop space, not enough storage, poorly positioned cabinetry, not selecting better quality materials and not enough power outlets. The good news for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO is all of these shortcomings are completely preventable.

We know that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO spend months researching different products, styles, looks and kitchen designs before making the decision to renovate what they currently have.  If you want to know the best way to determine if you are working with the right designer and the right showroom, look no further than the questions that they ask and the information that they want.  The best designers become leaders in their fields by exceeding their clients’ expectations.  Before talking about a cabinet, countertop or dishwasher, they will determine how you want to use your kitchen and for what specific purposes.  They need to know who in your family will use the kitchen most often, how often you entertain and the type of entertaining that you do. Knowing all of the uses and users will help your designer determine your priorities and budget and provide the information your designer needs to meet your functionality requirements. The list of uses also enables designers to determine the types and amount of lighting that you will need for reading, TV watching, homework, baking, cooking, entertaining or just lounging.

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Renovating an existing space or building a new kitchen, bath, closet or laundry room is a major investment of time and resources for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. The Internet is both our friend and foe. While the Internet provides access to every product and service that you could ever need for a renovation project, the amount of information available online can be overwhelming, is often incorrect, is likely to cause analysis paralysis, contributes to unrealistic expectations and budgets, and elevates stress levels. That’s where a professional kitchen and bath designer can be your greatest asset. Professional designers specialize in making order out of chaos.

A primary reason why homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO hire a professional designer is that their existing kitchen or other spaces does not work as well as it should. In homes where the existing space has an irregular shape, feels cramped, or does not feel comfortable, a professional designer can craft creative solutions to make smaller spaces appear larger, see potentialities that others don’t and transform a cramped disjointed space into a floor plan that exceeds everyone’s expectations.  

Partnering with a professional kitchen designer adds value to your home because professional designers keep their fingers on the pulse of trends, capitalize on opportunities and know what homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO desire and value.  

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