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There are many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who remember the first energy crisis in the mid-1970s when oil prices skyrocketed 350%, causing the price of gas to exceed $1 per gallon for the first time ever. During the 1980s, lighting accounted for up to 10% of a household’s electricity bill, causing many a parent to scold their children for failing to turn off lights after they left a room.

Fast forward to today, thanks to LED lights that are the primary lighting source for a majority of the homes where we have designed new kitchens and baths. LEDs use about 10% of the energy required to power an incandescent light bulb. By the end of 2023 however, homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO won’t be able to buy an incandescent light bulb, because federal law will ban their sale forever.

Though lighting represents a small percentage of home energy use, most Americans when asked how to save energy at home they reply, “turn off the lights,” reports The Washington Post. And that misconception brings to light opportunities to set the record straight for the most effective ways to save on energy bills in the kitchen and other rooms. 

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Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continue to dream and look for inspiration to make their homes the envy of the neighborhood. With many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO continuing to work partially from home, the role of the kitchen has been transformed into serving as multifunctional spaces. New kitchen remodels account for these new roles that include office, study, library, café, dining room, classroom, and other purposes. As a result, these new demands have encouraged homeowners nationwide to invest more in the most important room in their home, according to the just-released 2023 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

There is a subtle shift in kitchen cabinet preferences according to the Houzz Kitchens Trends Study. Homeowners nationally and in Colorado Springs, CO are gravitating from Shaker-style cabinets to flat panel alternatives. While Shaker remains the number one choice among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and nationally, its popularity declined by 3 percentage points to 61% of all kitchens. Flat panel cabinets increased to 20%.

the value designersHomeowners in Colorado Springs, CO may have seen or heard of comments by Richard L. Trumka, Jr of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission of the potential health threats produced by gas ranges. Those comments went viral with fears that the U.S. may ban gas stoves in the future. Trumka put an end to those rumors, stating that any new regulation would apply only to new products. He also noted that homeowners that wanted to replace their existing gas appliance with an electric alternative would be eligible for a $840 rebate courtesy of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The controversy stirred by Trumka's comments was further diminished when the chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Alexander Hoehn-Soric clarified the government’s intent by stating instead of proposing a ban on gas stoves, the Commission wanted to increase research efforts to identify how to minimize potentially hazardous effects of cooking with gas. An easy way to avoid potential problems is to include the installation a range hood in your kitchen design.

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Viva Magenta is the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year that the New York Times describes as “a hue with a lust for life. Not the aggressive synthetic of Barbie, not the intense luxury of Valentino couture, not the tired millennial salmon, but a saturated shade honking on the threshold of fuchsia, not organic but not quite electric.”

Pantone describes Viva Magenta as “a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying and a boundary-less shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement.”  

How will Viva Magenta find its way into the new dream kitchens created by homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO in 2023? Viva Magenta represents a desire for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to make a bold statement in their new kitchens or baths. While not a color that we would recommend for kitchen cabinets, the choice of a bold bright color is not surprising. While white will remain the color of choice for many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, we find an equal number of those renovating their homes to gravitate toward colorful palettes ranging from bold and earthy tones such as burgundy, dusty blue, deep fuchsia, and khaki green to a new appreciation for neutral colors.

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One of the most frequent regrets among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who renovated their kitchens in the past several years is not paying more attention to organizational tools and storage needs. We almost always propose to homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO a storage plan that addresses how often they cook, entertain and hold family gatherings.

An almost endless array of options is available to store cookware (i.e. kitchen cabinets), food, utensils, countertop appliances (blenders, mixers, etc.), recycling containers, and so on. The most popular organization tools among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO include the following:

Creating Unprecedented Value

Written by Thursday, 22 December 2022 15:39

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A combination of increased interest rates and limited inventory of new homes and homes for sale is contributing to the strong demand among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to undertake renovation projects in 2023, such as a bath or kitchen remodel. This reflects a national survey that found many homeowners want to improve their existing home because the cost of moving into a house that fits their current needs has become too expensive. Additionally, more than 50% of homeowners surveyed reported that they do not plan to sell or move in the next 20 years or ever.

Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have realized that it is more cost-effective to renovate their existing home than to purchase a new one. And one of the major projects that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are undertaking is to improve the performance, capabilities, and enjoyment of their primary bath with a bathroom remodeling project.

The Perfect Mirrored Cabinet

Written by Thursday, 15 December 2022 15:25

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Storage needs, size of the bath, design, and lifestyle preferences are the primary factors influencing a homeowner's decision in Colorado Springs, CO to place a medicine/mirrored cabinet in the bathroom. A medicine cabinet or mirrored cabinet is defined as a storage space with a mirror attached.

The medicine cabinets featured in our showroom are distinguished by both their functional superiority and innovative design. Cabinets are made of wood, metal, polyurethane, polymers, aluminum, stainless steel, or just about any other material. They are differentiated by their shape, size, and mirror design. They can be framed, frameless, arched, square, or multisided. They can use beveled or nonbeveled glass. Shelving inside of the cabinet may be made from glass, plastic, or metal. The shelving may be adjustable or nonadjustable.

Withstanding the Test of Time

Written by Thursday, 08 December 2022 15:17

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When homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO make the decision to create a dream kitchen, they want to ensure that design and the products selected can survive the test of time. While certain trends are hot right now such as brightly patterned backsplashes and green toned stone, they may not be so popular 10 years from now. Some of us can remember avocado-colored refrigerators. What features, materials, patterns, and design elements can withstand the test of time?  

White will always be right. In fact, more than 50% of new kitchen remodels for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO opt for a white color palette. White will never go out of style, nor will wood cabinets and finishes. We have seen a resurgence among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO gravitating to natural wood cabinetry and finishes. Wood adds a luxurious element to any kitchen and provides a soothing palette and calming vibe.  

Receiving What You Wish For

Written by Thursday, 01 December 2022 15:01

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The role of the kitchen has been transformed during the global pandemic for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. While the kitchen has always been considered the epicenter of the home, kitchen designs have evolved into multifunctional spaces that serve as offices, libraries, studies, classrooms, conference rooms, cafes, and hobby centers among numerous other roles. The new functional demands have fueled explosive growth in kitchen remodeling among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. And that trend is not expected to wane in the coming year. To help ensure that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO create the kitchen of their dreams, we offer the following trends that are expected to be at the forefront of kitchen design in 2023 and beyond.

Black finishes are no longer a fad or fleeting trend. Black matte or gloss appliances, cabinet and door hardware, and plumbing fixtures have become mainstays of new kitchen design

Creating a Chef's Kitchen

Written by Tuesday, 22 November 2022 10:42

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Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who are avid cooks and frequent entertainers dream of creating a restaurant quality kitchen in their home. We credit Fred Carl, Jr. with fueling the home gourmet chef kitchen movement. In the early 1980s Carl wanted to install a commercial range in the home he was building for his family. None existed at that time, so he designed a range that offered the cooking power and features of a professional range into a design feasible for home use. The rest is history. Viking saw the demand for commercial-grade performance in a residential setting that has become the dream of many a home chef (in name of service territory).

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