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A dream kitchen remodel not only has to look fantastic, it also has to function as well as it looks. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are increasingly realizing the importance and benefit of storage and organizational solutions for their new kitchens and baths. Their preferences are mirroring a new national survey of homeowners who recently renovated their kitchens and baths, conducted by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine.

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Few homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO ask about the hinges used on kitchen cabinetry even though every cabinet and door have a hinge. Hinges serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The three most common types of hinges that are specified for new kitchens in Colorado Springs, CO are butt hinges, concealed hinges and surface mounted hinges.

To help make sense of different hinge options, there is some basic terminology to be familiar with to help assure you select the perfect hinges for your dream kitchen.

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As an increasing number of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO spend more time in their homes and rely increasingly on subscription and delivery services for groceries and household goods, pantries have become almost a necessity in a well-designed kitchen. If there is space, we often recommend a walk-in pantry because first and foremost a pantry provides added storage space for nonperishable items and more refrigerator space for items that are perishable.

Having a place for everything provides several valued benefits to homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.

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We always ask homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO who want to create the kitchen design of their dreams to describe who in their family will use the kitchen, for what specific purposes and how often.  Today’s kitchens need to serve multiple functions especially if homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are working from home either part time or full time. Always the most used and important room in the home, kitchen spaces now serve as offices, conference rooms, studies, cafes, coffee shops, dining rooms, planning centers and a host of other activities.  Given that today’s new kitchen design need to be multifunctional, it has become even more important to make it easy and less time consuming for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to clean and maintain their kitchens.

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Bathroom remodeling is among the most requested projects among homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.  The ability to create a private refuge that provides homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO a few minutes a day all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and even little feet can be priceless.  If you are considering renovating your primary bath, there are certain features and design strategies that can help you create the bath of your dreams.

For many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, space is a premium for their primary bath.  You can maximize your space by eliminating common fixtures that you rarely or never use.  Many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO do not use their tubs for bathing.  Instead, they rely on showers.  If space is at a premium, consider eliminating the tub.  And if you and your family use both the shower and tub, a combination system can meet those needs while maximizing space.  

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The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the largest trade fair for kitchen and bath manufacturers, showrooms, designers and trade professionals in North America. One of the reasons KBIS is such an important industry event is that manufacturers typically introduce new kitchen remodeling products, prototypes and technologies at the show.  2022 continued that tradition.  Several highlights of what the future may possibly hold for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO are as follows:

Manufacturers responded to the impact COVID has had on the way Americans work, entertain, relax, exercise and live. We have found that many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO that want to create the kitchen design of their dreams plan to continue and expand their frequency and ability to entertain at home.  Appliance manufacturers have responded by creating new types of refrigeration that make entertaining easier. Several manufacturers featured flex drawers in their models and compact fridges that can fit into a cabinet drawer.  A great, convenient and space-saving option for wine storage.

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Our showroom designs many new bathroom remodeling project for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO.  There are several design features that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO may not consider in their research and planning, but simply could not live without once they experience the benefits those features, products and design elements deliver.  Some of our favorite and most cherished recommendations include the following.

There’s nothing that says “wow” better than a heated floor. Imagine on a chilly winter night you walk into your new dream bath not on cold floor covering, but on a warm and toasty surface that surprises and delights your toes.  Heated floors are universally adored by homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO, and many are surprised by their affordability and relative ease to install.

Similar to kitchen design, you can’t have too much storage in a dream bathroom remodeling project. Depending on the available space, we often recommend a combination of shelves, drawers, cabinets and niches to create homes for towels, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, grooming aides, medicines and other common products that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO store in their baths.

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Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO spend months, if not longer, researching options to create the kitchen design of their dreams.  This research is invaluable because it provides insights into what is most important and also enables a professional designer to curate information, desires, wants and must-haves to develop a design and specification that enables homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to have it all.

We encourage homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO to think big when they envision the kitchen of their dreams.  In every product category, there can be tradeoffs based on performance, functionality and price. However, there may not be a need to compromise.  Here are several ideas to help you think bigger.

Small Is Beautiful

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We understand that not all homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO have the footprint in their kitchens for long islands, endless countertop space and walk-in pantries.  That does not mean that homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO can’t create the kitchen design of their dreams. In fact, smaller spaces can outperform their larger counterparts, because smaller kitchens tend to maximize every inch of space. 

Designing a smaller kitchen for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO requires determining how to best use cabinets, maximize countertops and develop a flow that makes it easy to use the kitchen for multiple purposes.  


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There is a reason that more than 50% of homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO and nationwide choose white as the primary color for their new dream kitchens.  White offers a bright, crisp look that can make a kitchen space look more expansive and provide a feeling of calm and serenity. Several reasons why white kitchens are the go-to option for so many homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO include the timeless nature of a white kitchen.  White is never out of style.  Additionally, because of white kitchens’ ability to withstand the test of time, your new white kitchen remodeling project increases the value of your home when you are ready to sell it.

Predominately white kitchens have the potential to emit a cold and sanitary feeling.  This can be avoided by selecting the right shade of white and strategically incorporating pops of color in your backsplash, countertops, lights, kitchen cabinet hardware, appliances, sinks or fixtures.  We often encourage homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO that want a predominately white kitchen to select primary hues for their pops of color.  

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